God is flourishing in our community


Welcome to The Well

The Well is a missional community hub of St. Francis Episcopal Church.  We currently have four faith-based communities that meet on a weekly basis.  While our communities serve different populations, all are welcome at any of our gatherings, and all means all.

All About Us!

Our Purpose

Our goal is to foster and grow a safe space for anybody seeking a closer relationship with God,  to connect with people in community, to be of service, or all of the above.

We Believe

We believe that all God's children are worthy of love, respect, and dignity regardless of what they have or don't have or what they believe or don't believe.

Our Communities

Our faith communities are designed for people who can't go to church or won't go to church, for whatever reason. Whether you have had bad experiences in the past, your schedule doesn't permit Sunday worship, or you just don't relate to church in the traditional sense, there is a place for you at The Well.

Throw some money in The Well and make a wish!